Monday, February 20, 2012

POV display v2.0

Major Update: Its been awhile since I started this rebooted attempt at a POV display. Since then I've moved on up to the pic16f886 and etched a smd pcb for the controller. Here are some pics and a test video with some more explanations. I'm hard at work coding software for it now that the hardware is almost complete. More to come.

 Home etched board. I drew the traces with a fine tipped permanent marker.
 Another view.
 All soldered and ready to program the firmware over the in circuit serial programming header.
 Everything secured and wired up. Note the penny I am using to balance the rotor.
 First test is a success!
 Looks even cooler in the dark.
Update: I've finally gotten around to coding a full character set, string manipulation, and scrolling text animation. Unfortunately I'm heading back to university and wont get to touch this project until winter break. I will keep up churning out software projects though (its the only thing that keeps me sane between classes). Plus when I get settled I will start up TeardownTube episodes again. Don't worry I have a lot planned.