Tuesday, December 4, 2012

TeardownTube - episode 13 - PSP Go

Here's the 13th episode of TeardownTube. Subscribe, comment, and like if you want to see a different device dismantled every week. The videos are not detailed instructions for repair but rather just for entertainment. Enjoy.

In this episode I tear into a sexy PSP Go I managed to score "broken" on Ebay for only $30. A stupidly easy fix. How did Sony manage to fit all of the goodness (well except for the UMD drive) of the psp down into the miniscule PSP Go? Find out as I explore and delve headfirst and have a "Go" at the PSP Go ... see what I did there?!!

Link: TeardownTube - episode 13 - PSP Go

Wanna read my repair experience for this device? Read the writeup HERE!

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